Performance that transcends.
Design that rises above.
  • 1.6GT-S
  • 1.6GT

    INTERIOR 360°
    Innovation made stylish.
    There’s a place where design and technology intersect, where form and function stand on equal ground. 
    The Levorg exists in this sweet spot, blending useful functionality with eye-pleasing aesthetics wherever you look.
    Keenly aware.
    Thoroughly safeguarded.
    Safety matters. It matters to Subaru. It matters to the people who created the Levorg. Most of all, it matters to you. That’s why the Levorg was built to achieve excellence in every aspect of safety. From protecting occupants in case of an incident, to helping you avoid one in the first place, the Levorg is blessed with the technology and engineering to keep give you peace of mind and safety wherever the road takes you.