Find adventure in every moment.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Visit the mountains and the beach in the same day. Attend every outdoor music festival on the calendar next summer. Go to the slopes every weekend next winter. Embrace your social life, professional life, and all your passions and hobbies. Built to handle all the adversity and the adventure you can throw at it, the SUBARU XV is ready for your wild dreams and big plans.
  • 2.0i Premium Roofrail Edition
  • 2.0i Premium

    INTERIOR 360°
    Make it turn, make it go, make it stop. Carve your own path. It’s a feeling every SUBARU was engineered to help drivers experience, and the new SUBARU XV continues this tradition with a bold new look to back up its lively performance. Made clear by numerous visual refinements, including a stylish new grille, bumper and headlamps, the SUBARU XV leaves in impression that lasts.
    To help you avoid accidents, and protect you when they can’t be avoided, the SUBARU XV is equipped with an assortment of active and passive safety features. Subaru Active Safety helps you circumvent trouble with predictable handling, precise control, and excellent visibility, and advanced technologies that help you avoid incidents before they happen. Passive safety features include systematically placed airbags, whiplash-reducing front seats, retracting pedals and 3-point seatbelts—that are all there to help protect you if the unthinkable occurs.