About Us


Liaco Limited (Subaru Malta) initially started its operations in 1966 (Previously trading as 'Francis Xavier Lia & Co') and originally operated from Mosta. In 1967 an endearing passenger car with a distinctive individuality was launched and introduced to the local market: the Subaru 360, the first of Subaru cars. Because of its ladybug shape, the Subaru 360 was affectionately referred to as the Ladybird. At that time we were the first distributors in Europe to import Subaru vehicles. During the years more models were marketed including the: Subaru Sambar, Subaru 1000, Subaru FF-1 1100 & Subaru R-2 (which eventually replaced the Subaru 360). Today some of these early Subaru models are being privately collected and sometimes they can even be spotted on our roads (We have recently added to our private Subaru collection the very first imported Subaru 360 which we had sold in the late 60s').

In a relatively short time space the Subaru brand in Malta developed and matured into a leading automobile player in a limited yet highly competitive market. For the very first time in 1991 we managed to achieve our greatest milestone by placing Subaru as the best selling brand in Malta. This achievement was in no small part due to an outstanding product and our bold marketing approach.

In our constant pledge to excellence and to further enhance the brand image, on the 17th of April 1998 we inaugurated and moved our head office to the purposely built Subaru Centre in Mosta Road, Lija. This modern state-of-the-art premises situated in a busy prime and central location is served by one of Malta's most efficient road networks, making it easily accessible to anybody living in any part of the island. The Subaru Centre incorporates a modern and large new Car Showroom, Service Garage, Parts & accessories retailing and other core Departments into a one-stop-shop location.

'We listen to our customers. We discuss their preoccupations and understand their needs. This enables us to satisfy the demands and requirements of today's customers, ensuring that each and everyone of them is given the best quality service at all times.'

Our ability to pre-empt the client's needs and continually extend our range and after-sales services has been key in our retaining customers and gaining new ones. Today with our Subaru experience gained over 3 decades as Subaru Distributors, we look forward to a promising future, continuous innovation and further achievements.