Product Information

Brakes operate in the opposite way that an accelerator does - they are designed to safely bring a moving car to a stop, as well as controlling the speed of a moving car. SUBARU genuine brake pads are developed at the same time as vehicles, and matched with the characteristics of the disc rotors and suspension components as part of an overall system designed to ensure the best possible performance. Genuine brake parts are made with only top quality parts that have been certified by SUBARU under the toughest test conditions. As such, they maintain a high level of performance for reliable braking power, with exceptional quality in preventing squealing sounds and vibrations.

High quality genuine brake pads
SUBARU brake pads are comprised of parts with exceptional quality, and are developed in advance to the development of new models. The disc rotors, calipers, and suspension parts are all tuned to suit the performance of genuine brake pads. SUBARU genuine brake pads are available as a “pad kit” that includes the actual brake pads, suitable shims, and pad clips.

Performance verified with countless on-road tests
During the development process of brake systems, SUBARU tests the actual cars on a test track to determine whether certain combinations of disc rotors and suspensions can achieve the required level of braking performance or pedal feel, or to check for braking inconsistencies and squealing sounds. Other steps involve testing of fade-resistance, high-speed braking, and the extent of disc rotor distortion. To complement verifications conducted on the test track, a dedicated development team tests the cars on roads in other countries to check performance and quality levels under the most extreme conditions possible.

More than 30 in-depth tests repeated over two years of development
Brakes are undoubtedly the most important components for safety, and an exceptional level of quality is required to deliver adequate braking performance under a wide range of conditions. SUBARU makes use of a CDM (Chassis Dynamometer) for verification testing, such as checking the braking performance by simulating various driving conditions, or fine-tuning the quality of the brake system by programming brake temperatures and usage patterns to limit squealing sounds. Only brake pads that pass all these tests can be certified as genuine parts.

Tested under high-temperature conditions exceeding 600°C
Brakes generate braking power by converting the car’s kinetic energy to thermal energy when friction occurs between the disc rotors and brake pads. The temperature of the brake pads can reach anywhere between 80°C and 120°C when applying the brakes during ordinary errands around town, but can rise to around 400°C when driving downhill or during repeated hard stopping. Genuine brake pads are tested with repeated braking performance tests that simulate the toughest conditions to ensure reliability at high-temperatures that exceed 600°C.